Monte-Carlo Lifestyle partners with SMGS

Monte-Carlo Lifestyle announces licensing partnership

SMGS -Société Monégasque de Gestion et Spiritueux based in Monaco, is now the exclusive spirits licensed partner of Monte-Carlo Lifestyle to develop a range of champagne, wines and cocktail deserts with the brands: Comte de Monte-Carlo, Baron de Monte-Carlo and Monte-Carlo Gourmet.
Monte-Carlo Lifestyle decided to partner with SMGS to license the brands Comte de Monte-Carlo, Baron de Monte-Carlo and Monte-Carlo Gourmet. This licensing partnership has led to the development of Comte de Monte-Carlo champagne which springs from a perfect fusion between two established houses of champagne who have developed a line of products with meticulous, ancestral and refined manufacturing methods in order to create blends of pure excellence.
Baron de Monte-Carlo’s, French wines are elaborated by Eric Bonnet, Yves Cuilleron and the renowned Ramatuelle winemakers who have been awarded year after year by the world’s greatest labels and gastronomic critics.
Sébastien and David Lodi are the two inspired mixologists who created Monte-Carlo Gourmet’s “Petits Desserts” produced in partnership with Liquoristerie de Provence, “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” 2007, having received the label of excellence of French know-how.
These exclusive range of  Champagne, wines and petits desserts to be available at retail in Monaco and in the French Riviera and directly through SMGS.
SMGS’s products will soon be available for purchase in their e-commerce.
Meanwhile, if you are interested in purchasing any their products, please contact through their website:

Click here to find out more about SMGS

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