Comte de Monte-Carlo will delight with its Champagne at the Grand Prix

The Official Champagne of Monaco Ports Lounge.

Monte-Carlo Lifestyle is set to elevate the experience of this year’s Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco through its licensed brand, Comte de Monte-Carlo by serving its acclaimed Champagne at the Monaco Ports Lounge, adding a touch of opulence to one of the world’s most prestigious motor racing events.

View of the track of the Monaco Grand Prix

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This year, from May 23 to 26, the streets of Monaco will once again reverberate with the sounds of roaring engines, while the Monaco Ports Lounge, a premier hospitality venue strategically located to offer stunning views of the race provides guests with an unparalleled experience. The guests will be served with Comte de Monte-Carlo Champagne, known for its meticulous craftsmanship and exquisite flavor profile, it will offer a blend of thrilling sport and sophisticated indulgence as they enjoy the show.

Serving their distinguished Champagne at such a high-profile event underscores the brand’s position in the world of high-end beverages. “We are thrilled to join forces with the Ports de Monaco, bringing our signature grandeur and spirit to one of the most prestigious events in the world” stated Erwann Guegan, Co-Founder and CEO of Monte-Carlo Lifestyle, the company that owns, among other brands, Comte de Monte-Carlo. “Our partnership celebrates the shared heritage and unique lifestyle that Monaco and Comte de Monte-Carlo represent.

As the engines roar and the world’s attention turns to Monaco, the presence of Comte de Monte-Carlo Champagne will add a sparkling touch to the festivities, ensuring that every toast is memorable. This collaboration not only highlights the grandeur of the Grand Prix but also cements Comte de Monte-Carlo’s reputation as a symbol of luxury and excellence.

This brand is available for licensing opportunities. For inquiries, click here.

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