Comte de Monte-Carlo will be present at Monaco Yacht Show

The brand has been a part of Monaco Yacht Show since 2021

Our licensed brand, Comte de Monte-Carlo will be the official Champagne for this year’s edition of the Monaco Yacht Show. This will be the third year in a row that Comte de Monte-Carlo serves their high-quality line of Champagne at the international super yacht event.

Bottle of Saint Roman Champagne

As a partner for Monaco Yacht show, Comte de Monte-Carlo states:

“Comte de Monte-Carlo champagne represents the most unique wines from a noble terroir, selected from among the best family-owned champagne houses.

Concerned about environmental issues, our winegrowers have been cultivating their soil with love and passion for generations, committing themselves to preserving their land through sustainable viticulture methods.

Bottle of Noblesse Oblige Champagne in Monaco Yacht Show 2021
Diamond bottle

Our partner champagne houses have the “High Environmental Value” (HVE3) certification based on result indicators relating to biodiversity.

The union between winegrowers from Champagne and the brand Comte de Monte-Carlo embodies high quality, exclusivity and old-world charm in each bottle.

Champagne and Monaco share the philosophy to push the limits of standards ever further. Comte de Monte-Carlo is the heir to the spirit which makes the Principality shine throughout the world: art and science at the service of supreme refinement.”

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